Monday, July 12, 2010

We're back!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my!!!!! has it really been almost a year since i have blogged? wow! Instead of writing everything down that has happened in the last year i will start with today and go forward. We have now lived in our house for about a year and a half. We love Claremont and love living so close to family. Ryan keeps busy with his work and i keep busy during the day with Carter. Carter is now 19 months old and is very active. He is such a sweet little boy but wears us out. Don't kids know that it is ok to relax every now and then? We also keep busy with our callings at church. Ryan is in the YM presidency and i am the nursery leader. I like being in the nursery because hey, its one of the few callings that you can have snack time too. Ha ha! Yes, as you can tell food is a priority in my life, as for Ryan he has been very disciplined with his diet. He has lost 65 lbs. this year and is still going. He is even training for a half marathon in September. I am very proud of him and for all the hard work he has accomplished. So for the whole 2 people that are reading this i promise i won't let another year go by without updating this.


Margaret said...

You are back!!! And Carter is so cute!!! It was fun catching up with your cute little family!!

Holly and Ryan said...

What fun to see your family!

Kaylene Myers said...

Yeah an update!! Look how big carter's getting! How fun for your family! Tell Ryan that I would LOVE working with him as the YM president because I'm the YW pres in my ward. Wouldn't that be fun to get us together :) Miss you guys tons!